Jack Stevens was born in 1934 in a small ranching community in West Texas. Orphaned when he was about 12, he lived with his brother on the river for about 3 yrs. He then went to work on cattle ranches in West Texas and New Mexico during the rodeo off-season.

Today he works on paintings, sculptures, and drawings at his home, full time, since 1970.

Dean Krakel, former Managing Director of Cowboy Hall of Fame, has said,

"Jack Stevens has a fine and real feeling for the subjects he sculpts and the West. He has the working cowboy's outlook on life as well as artistically."

Dean Krakel was right. So is Jack Stevens. He is just right for depicting the West as it was... and still is. He has lived it, and still lives it. And his work will live on as an artistic memory of a great heritage. Stevens' sculptures and paintings will carry the heart beat of America's western culture throughout the ages. Jack Stevens offers the pride of the west and you can share in that pride.